You can pronounce our name as “eh-bods”, “ab-ods”, or simply as “A-B-O-D-S”. Perhaps you even have your own way of saying it – and that is totally alright. It is interesting to hear various humans attempt to pronounce such an odd English arrangement of characters, but what does it stand for? And what is the entities purpose in the internet society?

Established in 2017, ABODS is a private company with physical roots in Ontario, Canada. We primarily work as remote engineers and business executives, who operate and develop diverse tech solutions and products for emerging global internet brands with our partner authorized companies. We strive to deliver global products that are exclusively designed, assembled, and exported from our home Canadian soil.

You can trust any product that ABODS is involved with, will be produced to the highest quality and client satisfaction as humanly possible. We want you to have a memorable experience with any of our business IP products, and/or services. Our way of doing business is based upon honesty, fairness, and politeness, at the forefront of any discussions. ABODS purpose is to grow and support the Canadian economy and all of Earth’s residence’s in a new an innovate way, by reaching a global audience though the powerful capabilities of the internet.

ABODS and its creations, are a result of the mental configurations of our Founder, Adam John Brooks. He is our technological visionary, natural idea generating entrepreneur, and chief officer of the corporation. He holds a Masters of Applied Science (MASc.) from Queen’s University of Kingston, Ontario, with an undergraduate in materials engineering. His passion about nuclear technology, materials design, cryptocurrency, power systems, virtual reality, and sport activities: golf, hockey, and baseball – have lead ABODS down the road with science, maths, engineering, and recreation at the forefront of its core operating procedures. Adam, a 3rd generation Canadian with ethics roots from Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and England, founded ABODS at the young and abnormally mature age of 24. 

The true meaning of ABODS has yet to been discovered, some speculate as:

“Adam Brooks Original Design Services” or

“Adam Brooks Online Digital Sales” or

“Alpha Beta Original Domain Sources” or

“Alpha Beta Open Digital Structure” or

“Adam Brooks Opportunistic Designed Securities”…

…most will never really know what ABODS means, if anything at all.


ABODS Authorized Affiliate Companies

~ Part of the Crypto FarmTM family of Canadian growth entities ~

Crypto Farm Corp. (Ontario Canada – For-profit)

HurryUP AI, Ltd. (Federal Canada – For-profit)

nuclear.property discoveries (Federal Canada – Not-for-profit internet R&D and education)




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